Eric Kryski

Eric Kryski

Creator of @deliciousdb, amateur carpenter, comparable homebrewer, mainainer of Feathers and founder of @yycjs. I'll try anything once.

I like to socialize



I share business ideas



I code collaboratively



I rant with conviction



I covet other's designs


hosted meetups

I stand up and shout

I to build things for the web

I love to travel

See Where I've Been

I live in Calgary.

It's beautiful here.

You can reach me by

I dream big

This is a crazy list of things I want to accomplish that I’ve been adding to since 2008.

  1. Visit every continent
  2. Visit every country in the world
  3. Make my own drinkable beer (2011)
  4. Make my own drinkable wine
  5. Go to space
  6. See the pyramids of Egypt
  7. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  8. See the northern lights from an igloo
  9. Get married (2010)
  10. Have a family (2013)
  11. See the ball drop in New York (2009)
  12. Go scuba diving
  13. Catch a fish (2012)
  14. Invent something tangible
  15. Go to the Olympic Games
  16. Take an African Safari
  17. Live in France
  18. Learn Spanish
  19. Learn French
  20. Help people that live in poverty
  21. Get a university degree (2011)
  22. Own my own home
  23. Own an Aston Martin
  24. Compete in a snowboard competition
  25. Own or visit a private island
  26. Write a book
  27. Make a movie
  28. Produce a song
  29. Paint a painting (2012)
  30. Get an ‘A’ in a class (2009)
  31. See a polar bear in the wild
  32. Learn how to surf
  33. Learn to play guitar
  34. Fly in first class
  35. Have a million dollars
  36. Fly an airplane
  37. Fly a helicopter
  38. Get a tattoo (2010)
  39. Own a motorcycle
  40. Go to the World Cup (2006)
  41. Attend a massive electronic music festival
  42. Build a product people use (2010)
  43. Build a product 10k people use (2010)
  44. Build a product 100k people use
  45. Build a product 1M people use
  46. Cycle across Canada
  47. Take a week long motorcycle trip
  48. Go dog sledding

The fame of the rich man dies with him; the fame of the treasure, and not of the man who possessed it, remains.

- Leonardo da Vinci